Don’t Want to Be Stuck in the Middle of Nowhere with No Provisions?

Truck Service Tips on What to Carry in Your Semi

Truckers are not born with the knowledge of how to make a successful career driving on the road. This is earned through decades of driving and then often passed down to the next generation of truckers, who in turn will add their own wisdom, and so on and so forth. Drivers learned how to be better prepared for inspections, how to fight tiredness, and where are the best places to eat while on the road. They have also learned what items they need to keep in their truck for day to day work and for emergencies. However, our truck service has added a few tips that every trucker needs to know and carry in their rigs.

An emergency kit, this is extremely important, as you have to be prepared for any hazard, the kit needs to contain gloves, batteries, sleeping bag, flashlight, warm socks and hat, non-perishable foods, an assortment of tools, medication, bottled water, knife, duct tape, spare bulbs, jumper cables, window de-icer, extra fuses, a foldable shove, a first aid kit, emergency flares, tarp and an extra cell phone charger.

Extra money, this should not be too much, just enough hidden in a sealed plastic bag does come in handy in case you have to rent a hotel room or buy supplies and fuel in case you lose your wallet or it gets stolen.

A motor carrier map, this is a back up when or if your navigation system fails, which it invariably will at some point. Having this map will be able to help you get safely to your destination.

An extra pair of boots, these will come in handy when it is raining and your feet get soaking wet. Especially when you still have several hundred miles still to go and have to drive with freezing and soaking wet feet. Small cooler. This is handy for chilling beverages and any perishable food that needs to be kept cold. To find out more about our truck service, please call America's Truck and Trailer Repair in Salem, OR now at (503) 884-3881.