How to Extend the Life of Your Gearbox

Why Double Clutching Can Save Money on Trailers Repair

Double clutching, which is sometimes referred to as double-declutching, is a way of changing gears on a manual transmission. Which means, instead of depressing the clutch just once and changing gear, the driver will first put the transmission in neutral, and then change gear whilst pressing the clutch with every change. This method once regularly used on vehicles that came with standard transmissions, but is now mostly used on commercial trucks and specialty cars such as race cars, both of which do not have synchronized transmissions. On the big rigs, this will save wear and tear on the transmission and reduce the need for

trailers repair


Changing Gears

Double clutching is a way to change gears. Instead of going from one gear to another, the driver will first shift to neutral and release the clutch. This means the engine will speed up or slow down to the correct RPMs so the transition will be smoother. The driver will then press the clutch and shifts into their desired gear, and the clutch will be released again. This process usually only takes a second to do, and for the engine speed to be in sync with the speed of the gears, so the whole process can be done quickly in a fluid move.

Advantages with Double Clutching

By putting your gear in neutral, double clutching will save wear and tear on your transmission and gear selector. When the engine and transmission are not in sync, the gear selectors teeth will not mesh smoothly, will create grinding.

Today’s modern vehicles now come with devices known as synchronizers which help match the transmission speed with the engine, this will eliminate the need to double clutch. However, many large trucks, come with multiple gears that synchronizers

are inefficient


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