How to Increase the Fuel Efficiency of Your Truck

Valuable Information Provided by a Reliable Truck Repair Shop

As a trucking company owner, you have the huge responsibility of keeping your fleet in tip-top condition at all times, it includes regular inspections, maintenance. If you wish to make savings on fuel, we, as a trustworthy truck repair shop, would like to provide you with information how to do that:

  • Create an efficient strategy; you should establish a route that your drivers go to avoid the traffic. Getting stuck in the traffic means frequent stopping and starting which will increase the fuel consumption. If you use some modern features this technology era offers, such as GPS, Google Maps, and Waze, you can select the fastest and shortest routes to get to the final destination. Having an upfront efficient trip strategy will save you both time and money.

  • Be wise when driving; all truck drivers know to maintain good driving etiquette is the key to success. Well-trained truck drivers have to practice good driving habits. Obeying all travel laws, keep to the optimal speed, and not tailgating are only some of them. Driving too fast, for example, will lead to increased fuel consumption. Instead, try to drive steadily.

  • Read your vehicle owner’s manual; it outlines which type of fuel is suitable for your vehicle. For instance, high-octane gasoline doesn’t improve the fuel mileage. Using the correct octane fuel recommended in the truck’s manual is the best, and it will enhance fuel economy giving health to the engine at the same time.

  • Keep an eye on the tires; the truck’s manufacturer should also recommend the optimal inflation for your tires. A commercial truck is a heavy machine moving on its tires. So, they can lose air pressure under different circumstances. Keeping them well-inflated means you will provide better traction with the pavement. Under-inflated tires will definitely increase the fuel consumption.

By keeping these simple rules, your fleet of commercial trucks will be always in excellent condition on the road and you will make fuel savings. Still, if you need the services of a well-respected truck repair shop in Salem, OR, turn to America's Truck and Trailer Repair. We will serve you with integrity and competence. For any questions, you can call us at (503) 884-3881.