Signs That Your Semi Is Failing

When to Know to Go to a Professional Truck Repair Service

Poor Fuel Economy

Have you noticed that you are spending more money at the pumps? When your engine needs help, bad fuel economy is a sign you need to book your vehicle into a

truck repair

service, as worn or damaged injectors are usually the most likely culprit.

Loss of Power

Have you started to notice that your engine is starting to struggle? Is your truck not pulling the way it used to? Is your top speed lower than it was? This could be down to lost cylinder compression. Piston rings, valves, or a head gasket can often result in your truck losing its muscle.

Increased in Oil Replacement

Are you starting to always check your oil? Are you having to constantly add more between each scheduled oil change? This could mean your engine is leaking or burning oil, which could be down to problems with your piston rings or the cylinder liner.

Blue or Black Exhaust Plumes

Have you noticed that your

emissions are a different color? Blue or black exhaust fumes is either burning oil or the fuel in your engine is too rich or too lean. This can be down to problems with your cylinder liner, piston rings, or injectors.

Excessive Blow-By

Have you noticed excessive amounts of smoke or unburnt fuel blowing into your crankcase? This is often due to wear on your piston liners or problems with the steel rings.

Poor Brake Performance

Has your engine brake stopped working as good as it used to? Does traveling down hills start to make you nervous? You may have lost cylinder compression. It could be due to faulty or damaged piston rings and the cylinder liner. If you have started to notice minor issues with your semi, then before they turn into major ones, you need to call our

truck repair

service. Call America's Truck and Trailer Repair at Salem, OR today at (503) 884-3881.