The Most Common Truck Breakdowns

Common Truck Repair Problems

Is the engine of your truck not providing enough horsepower? Are the brakes not responding at all? It can be annoying for your truck to experience breakdowns, especially on the road. This article lists the most common truck repair problems:

  • Brake Issues – It can be dangerous to drive a truck with malfunctioning brakes. Worn-out brakes can happen due to a number of causes. There could be problems with the brake pressure or fluid. The brake pad may also have corrosion or heavy wear and tear. Another possible cause is the lack of maintenance, especially in the control system.
  • Flat Tires – A common problem for most wheeled vehicles is a flat tire. That is why having a spare tire is handy for such a case. If the flat tire has a small puncture, patching it can work. Even so, it is better to replace it with a new tire to ensure reliable repairs.
  • Electrical System Problems – There are various reasons for trucks to experience electrical system issues. The most common reason is a dead battery or faulty battery connections. If the battery is still good, then the components and its wiring may have worn out. There is also a strong possibility that the alternator is not working properly.
  • Engine Failure – A damaged truck engine can be expensive to repair. The cost will depend on how many working parts were affected. The causes of engine failure can include improper lubrication or continuous driving without regular maintenance.

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