What Are the Most Common Truck Maintenance Tasks

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Trucks

Preventative truck maintenance is the best way to keep your truck running reliably and can reduce the chances of breakdowns. Here at America's Truck and Trailer Repair, I have helped many drivers with their own maintenance plans.

Here are the top five preventative maintenance tips you should adhere to at all times.

Check the fluid levels

Checking your oil, coolant, brake, transmission, power steering and other fluids only takes a few minutes, and can help you to avoid major issues further down the line. If you do happen to notice a drop in any of the aforementioned fluid levels between each inspection, this could mean you have a consumption or leak issue and should rectify it before it gets to a major issue.

Changing the fluids

The frequency that you change your fluids depends on how many miles you actually drive, the weight of the loads and the type of driving you do, such as dusty roads, highways, city traffic, etc. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to changing the fluids.

Checking tire pressures

Any trucker will tell you tire pressure is vital and must be checked regularly. After all, your tires are what keep you safe on the road, meaning you want them inflated properly to prevent the likes of uneven wear, and to maximize fuel economy.

Checking the tires

Uneven tire wear is often related to tire pressure issues. So make sure that you include a check of your tires as part of your preventative maintenance plan.

Check the brakes

When you are carrying a full load, you need to ensure that you can stop safely. Frequently check your brakes when they reach the minimum wear condition can help you achieve this.

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