What Guarantees a Long Life for Your Fleet of Trucks?

Truck Maintenance Specialists Advise

Let’s admit, due to their size and weight, eight-wheel trucks break down more frequently than cars. Sometimes, a pothole is enough to disrupt the performance of your vehicle. In addition, truck maintenance & repairs are pretty expensive, so you may want to consider a few critical precautions that will guarantee safer driving and fewer accidents.

  • Establish an individual maintenance plan with a dependable truck repair shop. Before you decide to put your trust in a local repair shop, you have to do some research. You need a team of well-trained, experienced, and diligent mechanics to address any issues your vehicle may encounter. Make sure the shop is licensed and insured so you receive commendable services at fair rates plus warranties on the parts and labor. Establishing a maintenance plan is important so you do not forget about changing the oil, the transmission fluid, inspecting the brakes, and much more. You can either use your calendar and mark the dates you need to visit your technicians or use an automated system telling you exactly when the next appointment needs scheduling.

  • Make sure the mechanics you choose use the latest tools and devices for their inspections and maintenance. Since trucks are big complex vehicles, when you visit a specific place for regular inspections, repairs, and upkeep, you should know they use all the advanced tools and devices to perform their services. Periodical diagnostics are impossible without special computers, scanners, and other electronic tools.

  • Make a list of the most common breakdowns of your fleet so you can keep them at bay. Knowing what repairs your trucks are going through periodically will help you determine their weak spots and you can take action to prevent excessive expenses and accidents.

America's Truck and Trailer Repair is a professional local truck maintenance & repair shop you can rely on for regular inspections and upkeep. I am a knowledgeable and experienced mechanic ready to assist you at any moment. For any questions and if you live in Salem, OR, you can contact me at (503) 884-3881.