When to Replace the Clutch on Your Truck?

A Truck Repair Service Provider Explains

A truck is a complicated vehicle that needs a different approach to repairing the damage, especially the clutch. Driving trucks in heavy traffic are the main cause of premature clutch problems. You should know that there is clutch damage that is no longer repairable, which means a truck clutch replacement service is necessary. Bring your car to a truck mechanic if you notice the following signs.

Shifting troubles

If you notice that you are having trouble shifting gears, it is a clear sign of a worn out clutch. This will give the vehicle a hard time in accelerating and reaching top speed. Have this checked by a mechanic immediately to prevent accidents from happening.

Burning smell

Trucks have huge engines, which emit smoke that smells like fuel. But if the smell seems to be like burning rubber, you need to bring the vehicle to a truck repair shop. This is a clear indication that you need to replace your clutch immediately. A failing clutch is also the reason why brakes sometimes fail.

Grinding noises

The most common sign of a worn out clutch is the grinding noise whenever the clutch pedal is stepped on. This noise is due to the faulty bearings on the clutch system. You need a mechanic to replace this since he knows the exact size and has a complete set of tools and equipment.

These are the signs of a worn out clutch all of which you need to take note. This will help avoid misfortunes and damage from happening. If you are looking for a mechanic to replace your clutch, the company you can rely on is America's Truck and Trailer Repair. I am a truck repair service provider in Salem, OR that is fully insured and licensed. Aside from clutch repair, I also offer truck transmission computer diagnostic service. To know more about my service, give me a call at (503) 884-3881.